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Friday, September 15, 2006

New customers Now?

Sometimes you come across little things that suddenly make your business life a lot easier.
Things you wish you´d found many years ago. I´m sure you recognise the feeling.

Well, one of these little life improvers is a thing called Xing.

It´s a very simple, user-friendly and extremely effective social network for professionals and entrepreneurs. I use it daily, online and in real life.

I registered in the autumn of 2004, and now I maintain a few thousand contacts. I found many old friends, invited virtually all of my active business acquaintances, made a lot of new friends, and developed many new business contacts.

Along the way, I also doubled the turnover of my company...

Maybe you're thinking: Yeah, well, I know that story, I've seen it, I've tried it, and networks like these are way too time-consuming, I´ll get hardly anything back from it, etcetera...

But this network is different! That's why I urge you to just take a look, for free.

Experience the intuitive interface, and try out the magnificent search features. I'm sure you'll immediately connect to people that you have lost track of.
Browse through my contacts, and let me know if I can help you in connecting to some of these people (remember - 70% of all new business in the world is generated through personal introductions and recommendations!). Don´t hesitate to ask me!

After your first free month as a premium member, you can choose to either stay tuned with a free basic membership (still enjoying some of Xing's great functionalities), or to subscribe as a Premium member. That will cost you a mere 6 euros a month - not exactly the kind of investment that will break the bank...

As you know, networking is mainly a matter of spending some time being generous. Of sharing your know-how - and your know-who.
For me it´s also about spending a few hours online each week - and maybe an extra hour atreal-life meetings with old friends, or new contacts.

I bet that Xing will enhance your business success and that it will make your business life more interesting & more fun.

Click here for free premium access. Spend the first 10 minutes on exploring the search features. Go for it!

Best regards,



Blogger Ettore said...

I confirm what Bob's saying: "..little things that suddently make your business life a lot easyer.."
I registered in may 2007.... and something (or I) changed: new people, new ideas, new way of consider and "read" facts & people. Try it...and you'll see.
Important advice: be active !
An anonimous said: "Si sopravvive con ciò che si riceve, si vive con ciò che si dona..." Ciao Ciao

11:23 PM  

I do agree on the benifits off Xing. I joined Xing 9 months ago and I had lots of helpfull contacts for my business. I was allready generous leading other people to profitable businessleads. And two months ago I had my dreamcustomer a multinational that gave me the opportunity to show my creative power in an Europe Event for over 350 people.

6:24 AM  

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